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One Coin

Everclass: Blockchain for Developers

Understand how Blockchain works and initiate the development with Blockchain framework.

Price will be decided later

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What you will learn

Day 1


Blockchain Fundamental

  • What is blockchain and its history?

  • Distributed vs decentralized vs centralized

  • Public vs Private blockchain and applications

  • Cryptography

  • Understanding concept of Cryptocurrency / Token

  • Dive into consensus algorithm

  • How to use Block Explorer ?

  • Group project

Day 2


Smart Contract

  • What is Smart Contract ?

  • Framework and environment for Ethereum development

  • How EVM works ?

  • Basic programming of Solidity

  • Individual Project

Day 3

Blockchain & Decentralised Application


  • Develop Blockchain-based E-Voting System

  • Develop frontend Dapp

  • (Bonus) Develop own Token

  • Group project

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