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Ever AI Technologies Joins MSTC'23 as Affiliate for AI-themed Event


Ever AI Technologies Joins MSTC'23 as Affiliate for AI-themed Event


In an exciting collaboration, Ever AI Technologies has been invited to participate as an affiliate in this year's Malaysian Science, Technology, and Creativity Convention (MSTC'23). The convention is set to take place over three days, from August 18th to 20th, 2023, with the venue yet to be confirmed. This year's theme is "Artificial Intelligence."


MSTC'23 promises a dynamic lineup of activities including engaging debates, enlightening networking panel sessions, and company booths showcasing cutting-edge advancements. The event is organized by Youth in STEM Malaysia (YME), a youth-led initiative that empowers young Malaysians in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Under the overarching theme of "Artificial Intelligence," MSTC'23 aims to inspire and equip participants with valuable insights into the current and future prospects of AI. The convention will delve into AI's impact on diverse domains such as Finance, Web Development, and Engineering.


With Ever AI Technologies on board, the event aims to provide a platform for meaningful interactions and discussions about the transformative power of AI. This collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge exchange.


Together, MSTC'23 and Ever AI Holdings strive to achieve their common goal of advancing understanding and exploration of AI's potential. This partnership exemplifies the fusion of academia, industry, and curiosity, ensuring a successful and enlightening event.


For more information and updates, stay tuned as MSTC'23 and Ever AI Technologies prepare to unravel the limitless horizons of Artificial Intelligence

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