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Deploying AI Models   to the Cloud 

What Can You Learn?

You will be introduced to Cloud Computing & deploying a static website by using Cloud. The interesting part is, you can deploy your machine learning project by using serverless architecture and microservices with us.

Duration | 18 Hours

Day 1
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing 

  • Introduction to AWS Services

  • Access to AWS, Account Configuration 

  • Create a simple website (Database & simple front-end)

  • Static sites using S3, Cloudfront, Secure Certificate

  • Set up instances in EC2, with security groups and load balancer

Day 2
  • Use case ML project: IMDB Sentiment Analysis Web App

  • Create the ML model

  • Train and deploy using Amazon Sagemaker

  • Intro to serverless architecture

  • Train locally and deploy by using AWS Lambda

  • Monitor the logs using cloudfront 

Day 3
  • Introduction to microservices

  • Introduction to Docker, Kubernetes and ECS (Fargate)

  • Introduction to Flask

  • Building the Flask API

  • Creating the dockerfile 

  • Deploying the recommender system web apps by using Docker & ECS (Fargate)

Included In The Fee

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