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Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022

31 Oct -4 Nov 2022

On 31 October to 4 November 2022, Ever AI Technologies followed Hong Kong FinTech Week via online. All clients will connect with Ever AI Technologies through the Swapcard medium. 


Hong Kong FinTech is a world wide event held on a large scale for Startup businesses. The event was attended by speakers of a very high caliber from all over the world, including government and regulator speakers from Mainland, Hong Kong, the US, Bahamas, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia, and many more. During the event, there were 24 companies visiting our company profile and two of them have registered interests in the  our company.


The advantage of being part of Hong Kong FinTech Week Startups is being able to maximise brand exposures, Showcase our products, can generate new leads, and can get unparalleled networking experience.


Finally, Ever AI Technologies has jointly made Hong Kong FinTech week a success and hopes Hong Kong Fintech will continue in the future to be a source of inspiration for other Startups companies.

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