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4th & 5th February 2023

AI with Python Bootcamp is conducted on the 4th and 5th of February 2023 from 2 pm until 6 pm. The two-day bootcamp they attended had two mentors, Dr Sai Chong Yeh and David Chong Teak Wei, who were responsible for conducting the class. During the bootcamp, they learned about the importance of Python as a core programming language for AI and the various demands that come with it. You also set up Google Colaboratory and wrote some simple Python code to get a hands-on understanding of the language.


In addition to this, you gained a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You were also able to build your first machine learning model to solve data problems using Python. This is a significant accomplishment as building a machine learning model requires a good understanding of the algorithms and the tools used for implementing them.


The participants were reported to be attentive and active during the bootcamp, and there was a final game to test their understanding of the material covered. Based on the outcome of the game, it seems that the participants were able to grasp the concepts taught to them over the two days.


Overall, the bootcamp seems to have been a successful learning experience for the participants.

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