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School Ever AI

Educating Society To Become More Intelligent on AI

With the company vision to make "AI more accessible than ever before", we aim to educate every generation on the importance of AI in their life. We provide training and workshops for basic and advanced AI courses, and other related technology development courses such as web, software and blockchain.

School Ever AI Workshops

AI for Everyone

Understand the basic of AI and utilize it using existing data with Ever AI.

Suitable for everyone.

AI for Business

Utilize AI in your business and the know how to gain business insights from existing data with Ever AI.

Suitable for corporations and companies.

Business Meeting

AI for Education

You and your students will be able to utilize AI with Ever AI.

Suitable for educational institutions.

Teaching in Classroom

Python for Kids

You will learn the basic of programming specifically

designed for kids.

Educational computer program

Type of Classes

Professional Presentation

1-to-20 Group Workshop

Working Silhouettes

1-to-1 Workshop

In a Meeting

Corporate Training


Workshop for Kids


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Ms. A

Workshop : Building Image Classification Mobile Apps

Very interesting to me since it was my 1st time learning an image classification using MLP & CNN. Overall very satisfied!

Included In The Workshop

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