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MRANTI GAP:Thematic Edition Demo Day

October  13, 2022

On 13 October 2022 (Thursday), the Phase 1 event was organised by MRANTI GAP: Thematic Edition Demo Day. The event is organised at Ground Level, MRANTI Resource Centre, MRANTI Park from 2pm to 6pm.


The event is held physically to make it easier for each company representative to analyse to what extent the company's level of availability, is to compete and to continue to a higher level and whether the yardstick of each company has been reached or not.


This time, MRANTI invited the Honourable Dr Adham Bin Baba "Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI)" to launch the MRANTI GAP: Booth Showcase. 38 companies are selected on Demo Day and Ever AI is one of the selected companies.


Throughout the event, Ever AI Technologies always received attention from the visitors who were at the event. Ever AI seized this opportunity to educate users on how to use Ever AI Apps and explained the features it has as well and explaining the advantages of Ever AI App to users.


We were also honoured to have Dr Adham Baba visit our booths and understand more about our no code platform.


Among the features that Ever AI Apps can do are:

1. Solve your data problems with AI, without the need to do coding / programming

2. Convert your raw data to a useful and profitable one

3. Low cost, fast POC iterations and easy to deploy & ship to production


Finally, a booth showcase like this is the best platform to introduce the initial product to a higher level. So that investors can see the results directly whether the product offered is effective or not to use.


Sign up here, Ever AI App :
For more information on Ever AI Apps, you can see our Live Recorded here:


"Everyone Can Do AI"

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