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SpicyVC Mixer :  AI and Analytics

Dec 15, 2021


Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dr Fairoza Amira Hamzah was invited to give a talk organised by Kotak Sakti and SpicyVC on the topic “ZERO TO ONE: TURNING IDEAS FROM RESEARCH LAB TO THE REAL WORLD”. The talk’s aim was to deliver knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics. In this talk, aspects such as tech debt, data wrangling, and our country’s involvement in international conferences like NeurIPS were discussed. Besides that, important topics such as the pros and cons of Data Science being applied to businesses were highlighted. As the impact and involvement of AI is increasing day by day, it is vital to be aware of not only the benefits it brings us, but also its drawbacks and measures that can and should be taken to leverage the most out of this technology. Ever AI Technologies, as a technology solution provider, is obligated to provide consultations and customised solutions based on respectives businesses niches and needs. In this talk, a demonstration on our No-Code Data Science Platform, Ever AI, was done. Ever AI’s main objective is to enable anyone, with or without coding knowledge, to build Machine Learning (ML) models and make the most out of their businesses without the need to be a pro-coder or having to hire a team of programmers/data scientists. A piece of technology will be of no use if it is not what a business needs, thus, we as an organisation, want to live up to our tagline “AI Tech for Everyone!” by making AI accessible to everyone at ease.

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