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Fostering Homegrown Tech In Malaysia To Stay Ahead of The AI Race

June 26, 2023

Astro AWANI in Energy Asia Conference 2023 - June 26 to 28


In a compelling interview held during the Energy Asia Conference 2023, esteemed guest Dr. Sai Chong Yeh made a fervent call for Malaysia to invest in its homegrown technologies within the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The Founder and CEO of Ever AI Technologies emphasized failure to act now would result in large companies outside the country dominating a substantial share of the future productivity and value derived from AI technology.


1. Data Privacy Concerns

One of the primary concerns highlighted by Dr. Sai Chong Yeh was the issue of data privacy. As he pointed out, a majority of AI models are currently owned and controlled by multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. To mitigate this dependency on foreign technologies and ensure greater control over sensitive data, Dr. Sai urged for increased support to bolster Malaysia's own technological capabilities.


2. Advantages of AI Adoption

During the interview, Dr. Sai Chong Yeh also underscored the numerous advantages that AI adoption can offer. Notably, he emphasized how AI can significantly enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes, leading to the elimination of repetitive tasks for many businesses. However, he acknowledged that the fear of AI is prevalent due to a lack of understanding and expertise in this rapidly evolving field.


3. Developing Local Talent - Key to Mass AI Adoption

In an effort to tackle the challenges posed by AI adoption, Dr. Sai stressed the urgent need to develop local talent and expertise. He urged the government and relevant ministries to focus on training more young individuals in the field of AI technology. By nurturing a skilled workforce, Malaysia can encourage mass adoption of AI and accelerate the nation's progress in this transformative domain.


As the founder of Ever AI Technologies, Dr. Sai Chong Yeh's insights hold immense significance for Malaysia's technological growth and global competitiveness. The call to foster homegrown tech in AI resonates strongly as the nation looks to shape its future in the face of rapid technological advancements.


The call for action now rings clear as Malaysia stands at a crucial juncture in its pursuit of innovation and staying ahead in the AI race.


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