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AWS X Tigerhall Female Founder Program Mentors 

Apr, 2022

AWS X Tigerhall has invited Dr fairoza Amira Hamzah, our Co-founder also known as  Chief Operating Officer (COO) to the Ever AI Holdings company. Dr Fairoza has been selected as one of the female leaders along with 100 female leaders who are selected to participate in the Female Founder Program. This program is conducted for six months starting from October 2021 to April 2022.


Through the program, all 100 female leaders will be able to interact and learn directly from leaders such as the founders of some of Asia’s largest unicorns, and global business CXOs in 3 trails: Personal development, leadership, and growth & scaling your business. Other than that, all female leaders also got unlimited access, got a peer community, and participated in monthly exclusive private mentoring sessions with mentors like Priya Lakshmi, Anna Green, Alice Lopin, Sarita Singh, Yolanda Lee and Tiffany Bloomquist.


In conclusion, to reach this stage is not an easy thing. A lot of effort needs to be maintained and enhanced to become a successful female leader and this program is an initial step to be better. Infinite thanks to AWS X Tigerhall for the rare opportunity.


To know more about Dr Fairoza’s leadership tips, can click the link below:- 

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