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17 Until 19 Nov 2022

On 17 until 19 November, Ever AI Technologies followed the Meet Taipei Startups Festival via online. Meet Taipei startups festival is the leading startup expo in Asia with the tagline “The New Paths for Disrupter”. It attracted 300+ startups and the local and global ecosystem players.


Almost 14,000+ attendees will join this three day festival including venture capitalists, investors, corporates, incubators, accelerators, service-providers, media and government initiatives in 2022. Besides, during this festival, non stop conferences, demo days, talks, biz meetings and networking events, will be provided to startups and key partners to meet and connect. During the event, there were 15 companies visiting our company profile.


Finally, Ever AI Technologies has jointly made the Meet Taipei Startups Festival a success and hopes the Meet Taipei Startups Festival will continue in the future to be a source of inspiration for other Startups companies.

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