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Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Empowers Start-ups to Thrive in Cyberjaya's Tech Ecosystem

"Cohort 17"

Cyberjaya, July - Cyberview Living Lab, a hub for innovation and tech excellence nestled in Cyberjaya, is making waves with its comprehensive programme that enables creators and innovators to bring their tech solutions to life. The Cyberview Living Lab Programme, covering Talent, Accelerator, Pilot, and Enterprise, offers an ideal environment for tech entrepreneurs to pilot, validate, and commercialize their cutting-edge ideas.


One of the prominent participants in the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) is Ever AI Holding, benefiting from the programme's resources and support over a six-month duration. With numerous other companies also joining CLLA, the programme has become a hotbed for innovation and collaboration, attracting like-minded businesses striving for shared success.


The CLLA empowers promising start-ups with a nurturing platform for experimentation, piloting, and launching innovative solutions. It provides essential assistance in human capital, funding opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, access to investors through Demo Day, and even offers a free co-working space at Colnnov8, Cyberview's Smart City collaborative space.


The benefits of joining the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme are extensive and far-reaching. Start-ups gain market access to local and global regions, receive value-added services worth over RM100,000, access expert advice and mentorship, and tap into the dynamic local and regional tech ecosystem.


As the year 2023 unfolds, the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme continues to be a driving force behind the success of numerous start-ups. It has proven highly beneficial, transforming brilliant ideas into profitable and impactful ventures.


Cyberjaya stands at the forefront of nurturing a thriving tech community, and with initiatives like the Cyberview Living Lab Programme, it remains an essential destination for tech entrepreneurs seeking to kickstart and enhance their innovative solutions.


For more information about the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme and its upcoming projects, visit [].

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