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History of Ever AI


AI Tech for Everyone is our go-to tagline. Ever AI Technologies started as a software company in November 2020 and was founded by our three founders, Dr. Sai Chong Yeh (CEO), Dr. Fairoza Amira Amzah (COO) and Ts. Ammar Abdullah (CTO). With the mission to make AI and Blockchain technology more accessible than ever before, we can grow up until today. Our vision is to be a reliable, affordable, enabling and innovative software solution provider. An organization needs to have great strength and support for them to keep flourishing. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, data, and education are the five core pillars that have contributed significantly to our success. We now have ten staff and hope to grow more. 


Focusing on AI technology, we hope that we can bring change to the organization in Malaysia to apply AI to their business. We developed Ever AI, Ever LPR and Everpass that use the technology of AI and in School Ever AI we conduct workshops and webinars that can help people to educate society to become Intelligent in AI. We developed Ever AI, Ever LPR, and Everpass with AI technology as our products and offer workshops with School Ever AI to enable society to become intelligent in AI.


To conclude, we believe that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry.

Our CEO's explaination on Ever AI software platform

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