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Talk : University Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

Jan 4, 2022

Universiti Malaysia Pahang hosted an event titled "Let's Talk: Getting Real About Data Mining and Machine Learning in Industry" on 4th January this year. Our talented Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dr Fairoza was invited to be the speaker for this beneficial event and she shared about her experience and knowledge as a data scientist and as the COO of Ever AI Technologies.

During this event, the audiences that consist of UMP students and staff learnt about data mining and machine learning in the industry. Furthermore, they are also encouraged to use data analytics abilities to research, assess, and solve real-world industrial problems. They are also being exposed to the reality and some application of data science projects

To conclude, it is very crucial for people, especially students in computer science, to realize that data science is getting more important in today's world and they need to be the one that will help our country to excel in data science and machine learning industries. 

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