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University of Malaya : Career Fair Programme

October  28 & 29, 2022

On 28 and 29 October 2022, University of Malaya conducted a Career Fair Programme at Kompleks Dewan Kuliah (KDK), Fakulti Sains. We have been invited to introduce our company and Artificial Intelligence especially for the students to explore about this sector.  The talk and booth was conducted by our CEO, Dr. Sai Chong Yeh and Shamsuri Azmi, our Business Analyst.


We are aware that careers in the information technology sector are the most relevant and in-demand today. Of course, the youth of our nation are interested in learning more about whether they could very well compete in this sector.


During the one hour talk, Shamsuri discussed how he eventually decided to leave his accounting expertise and pursue his current career in data science sector. We also set up a booth for students who would like to find out more about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science  by visiting our booth. 


We hope that our presence there could help to motivate students to take on future professional challenges and be confident in exploring their career path. We also hope they can finally understand the significance of AI products in relation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a result.


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"Everyone Can Do AI"

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