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WAI MY Summit @ UTeM 2021

WAI TALK 3: Leveraging the use of Data & AI to Enhance Hybrid Learning Experience in Malaysia

Sept 13, 2021


Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr Fairoza Amira Hamzah was invited to give a talk in WAI MY Summit@UTem 2021 on a topic “WAI TALK 3: LEVERAGING THE USE OF DATA & AI TO ENHANCE HYBRID LEARNING EXPERIENCE IN MALAYSIA”. She has been invited to give a talk in conjunction with the national level summit event co-organized by Women in AI Malaysia Summit and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) on how we leverage the data and AI to enhance the hybrid learning experience in Malaysia. In this talk, she presented a cross data study to explore opinions and understand the challenges faced with the implementation of online and distance learning in Malaysia. 6284 data were obtained via Google Form and Twitter from 1st June until 30th June 2021, which covered 3 main aspects, such as, human's behaviour, environmental behaviour and technological advancement. Both survey and Twitter results showed that major issues impacting online learning were internet connectivity and participation of students during the class sessions. Therefore, we, as a technology solution provider presented a digital solution of a reliable and affordable one-stop online and hybrid teaching and learning platform that is available in mobile and web applications. Ever PdPR is able to solve the issues as stated in surveys due to its variety and user-friendly features. Ever AI Technologies is also one of the partners of this summit, together with high-reputable institutions such as Skymind, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Microsoft, with the aim to educate society in artificial intelligence (AI)  and to foster diversity and inclusion in this field.

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