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No Code AI Platforms

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

What is No Code AI Platforms ?

No-code AI is a code free technology that enables non AI professionals to put their ideas into practice and test them without any need for AI experts. No-code AI platforms enable AI professionals to create ML solutions more quickly and with fewer effort. They also present chances for domain and AI professionals to work together. Platforms for no-code AI have drag and drop or wizard based user interfaces, like Sway AI (such as Akkio)

AI technology is a great way to solve problems and improve productivity and efficiency. For example, physicians want to use AI to improve the healthcare service provided to their patients. Or, business leaders want to apply AI to enhance the user experience they offer. They have found that AI-based systems can help them with tasks such as scheduling meetings, responding to customer emails, and even answering phone calls, all things that would otherwise require human input. The result is that they're able to use more employees on other important tasks instead of having them tied up with administrative work.


Why No Code AI Technology Hype As 2022 Trends ?

1. The Gap Between AI Experts and Domain Experts is Critical

The past years have been marked by a huge growth in the number of AI companies. Was it successful? Yes, relatively. This is because there is still a huge gap between AI experts and domain experts. We also believe that no-code AI platforms can help to fill this gap, giving domain experts a better understanding of the concepts behind machine learning models and optimization algorithms while also giving AI experts the opportunity to create value for domain experts in a short period of time.

With no-code AI platforms, domain experts can test their ideas and communicate better with AI experts, which will hopefully lead to more successful AI initiatives that get adopted in everyday challenges. In turn, AI experts have an opportunity to create value for those same domain experts in a short period of time using no-code AI platforms.

2. We Do Not Have AI Experts As Many Problems As We Have

AI experts are not enough to solve problems because many challenges cannot be addressed by an expert. Let’s say the gap between AI experts and domain experts is removed. Do we have enough AI experts to address all challenges? No, but we do have domain experts as many problems as we have. We don't need many AI experts, but we do need domain experts. Many workshops, boot camps or programs train AI experts to solve problems, but it's always better if the expertise is used to train concept experts and implement ideas rather than building experiments with no value.

This is the only way that we can ensure AI technology gets adopted in every use case. No-code AI platforms enable domain experts to implement and test their ideas wherever and whenever.


No Code Market Statistics

1. Average Forecasted Growth and Estimate Size Of The Global No Code Market Year By Year

User Guiding No Code Statistic And Trend 2022

Based on both figures, this bar chart shows average forecasted growth of the global no code and the estimated size of global no code market. Both figures show, from 2021 until 2027 no code AI is expected to increase year by year and more users will use no code AI.

2. No Code Tools Add Value To Their Lives

Survey From User Guiding No Code Marketing Report

From the figure above, 85% Respondents Choose “Yes” for no code tools to add value to their lives and only 15% choose “No” for no code tools that don't add significant value to our lives.

3. Trust No Code Tools

Survey From User Guiding No Code Marketing Report

From the figure above, 84% Respondents choose “Yes” that they trust no code tools and 16% choose “No” that they do not trust no code tools.

4. Who Don’t Use No Code Tools Would Be Willing To Use Them In The Future